My passion for fusing is the result of a life long fascination with glass
that goes all the way back to when I was a kid collecting beach glass
along the shores of Lake Michigan. I love the material, the immediate
attention it demands, the technical challenges it presents and the unique
and extraordinary beauty it creates in my work.

Though my work with glass has encompassed stained glass and
lampworking, it was glass fusing that captivated me and has become
the medium for my personal expression. The array of colors, effects
and patterns provide endless possibilities. My inspiration comes
from the things I see everyday around me in nature and the world,
and is reflected in the bright colors, geometric and abstract designs
of my work. As a result, the art glass I create is infused with my own
personality, yet each piece exudes a distinct personality that is all its

Just as each piece I create is unique, every firing is a new and

exhilarating experience for me. Individual pieces of glass that have

been precisely cut, arranged and layered go into the kiln — and

emerge as a single beautiful work of art for the home or body. It is

truly a magical experience.